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Our core specialty is SEO.  We work with clients from all over Toronto as well as all over Ontario, Canada, The USA and even Australia and Great Britain.  We have the expertise to help drive local traffic to your Toronto business or to stand out nationally or globally.


What You Need To Know About SEO

SEO isn’t a quick process.   As much as you have been bombarded by emails soliciting your SEO business promising quick, top rankings, the reality is proper SEO takes time and is a long term marketing commitment. Not only does it take time to gain top rankings, it also takes work to hold those rankings.  In addition to it taking time, Google runs several major updates to their algorithm yearly which can cause temporary disruptions to your rankings and may require changes or fixes to your website.


We won’t promise you quick top rankings, but we will tell you, based on your current domain name age, history with Google and competitors in the top ten for your keywords, an estimated time to expect results and provide you reports tracking the progress as we go.



Below outlines our SEO steps and the work is the same for those wanting local results in Toronto, national results in Canada or global rankings. 

1. Initial Discussion

We will work with you to understand your business, your goals, your audience and whether you are looking for local results here in Toronto and other cities around the GTA or if you want to reach nationally or globally.

2. Initial Assessment

We will assess your site and look for any issues it may have that will impede rankings such as old code, not mobile friendly, content light etc.

3. Keyword to Page Mapping

We will perform full keyword research and provide you with the best keywords for the best pages based on your goals and audience.

4. On-Page Optimization

Once the keywords have been approved we will then work on optimizing your pages with meta tags, h tags, image optimization and content optimization.

5. XML Sitemaps

Once the optimization has been approved and installed to the site we will generate and submit XML sitemaps to the search engines.

6. Monthly SEO Work and Reporting

Monthly SEO work will begin as well tracking the keywords which are provided with monthly reports.  In addition a Google Business listing (for map based results) will also be created to help with local rankings and exposure if your business doesn’t already have one and is needed.


We know you’re busy, why not book an appointment to speak with us when you are free.

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