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Don’t Pay Till You Rank SEO Plan!

We’re bringing back our original SEO plan!

Back when we started in 2003 most small to medium businesses we approached didn’t even have a website, let alone know about SEO.  It was so new that most companies didn’t really trust that SEO could work and that sites could actually have changes made to them that would impact their ranking in Yahoo! (yes that’s before Google).  So we developed this plan to win over skeptical clients who thought SEO was a made up voodoo magic thing.  (yes we actually were asked if that’s what we used).  So we developed an SEO plan where we would optimize and begin their SEO work and they wouldn’t pay a penny till they had 1 organic top ten ranking in the search engines.


Fast forward 15 years and we’re bringing our most popular SEO plan back.  Why, you ask. Unfortunately, our industry is rife with agencies, freelancers, recent graduates and overseas “SEO specialists” that take your money and don’t deliver results.  We come across many small and medium business owners in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo and the entire GTA that have been burned by bad SEO work and have not seen the results after paying for SEO for a long period of time.  Or they initially had results but then fell and never rebounded.  The other problem is SEO you have to play the long game.  You have to commit to SEO for 3-6-9-12 months sometimes to see results and maybe more if your industry is competitive (which it is for most industries in Toronto).  So it’s scary committing to a company knowing you may spend money for 6 months and not get results.


We know we can deliver results.  We know how to find keywords your site can rank for that can also deliver traffic.  But if you have been burned by an SEO company before it’s hard to trust what we’re saying isn’t it?  So now we bring back our Don’t Pay Till Your Rank SEO plan! 

Don’t worry you’ll be surprised at how affordable our SEO plans are!

How It Works

We will work with you to identify the best keywords to target related to your products or services and the area or areas you wish to target. We’ll review those keywords with you and ensure we’re covering the best keywords but also keywords you can realistically obtain based on your domain authority and domain age.  If you don’t have enough pages we can work with you to add the additional pages and content to target keywords your site might not be able to because of a lack of content.


Once the site is optimized we will begin all our standard monthly SEO work and generate and send our detailed monthly SEO report to track the progress of your keywords and traffic changes to your site with Google Analytics.


Once there is one keyword ranking organically in the top ten of Google we will confirm with you through a report and at that time your monthly invoicing for our SEO services will begin.  There are no catches or tricks!  We don’t use Adwords to impersonate top ten rankings, we don’t spam and mass link build to temporarily generate top ten rankings only to have them fall after you’ve paid.  We aren’t going to target easy keywords that aren’t related to what you do (as discussed above you have input in what we optimize for).

How Long Will It Take?

SEO rankings will vary from business to business and will depend on how old your domain name and other factors but the average time is 3 to 6 months and more competitive terms can take up to a year.


You Rank – Now What?

Once we have your first organic top ten ranking we, of course, keep pushing along to achieve rankings for all the keywords you have been optimized for.  Your monthly invoicing will begin and will be charged at the rate you signed up with.   Your rate is guaranteed and won’t increase even if we have increased our SEO rates from when you started with us.


Because we heavily invest in a lot of upfront work with the keyword research, optimization and content optimization work we do ask you to sign on with us for a one-year commitment.  The goal, however, is that by generating rankings before you pay that we’ve proven our ability to you and earned your trust and that you would be happy to stay with us.  We haven’t found any other SEO company or internet marketing company that is willing to prove themselves worthy of your business before you pay!

Why not start with a free SEO Assessment and let us know you are interested in our Don’t Pay Till You Rank SEO plan and let’s talk about what we can do for you!

We know you’re busy, why not book an appointment to speak with us when you are free.

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