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About Us

Our History as an SEO Agency


In 2003 a small group of marketing experts wanted to help small businesses realize the potential of online advertising. It was a time when many small business owners didn’t even think they needed a website, let alone search engine optimization. We beat that hurdle and convinced small businesses to invest in their online future with a website and SEO.


Fast forward to the present day and our company is still here providing good, honest online marketing services like SEO and PPC/Adwords and we’ve continued to stay on top of the online world with the growth of Social Media Marketing and Website Conversion Marketing. In addition as we’ve grown we’ve done so with the growth of Google. We’ve been here through every update and every change with Google to their domination of the search engine marketing.


What’s even more impressive is that those clients who signed up with us back then, are still with us today!


Our Philosophy


We love to help small businesses gain exposure and be found in the competitive world of large chains and national sites like Yellow Pages or Kijiji. We do that on the principles of good, honest work at affordable prices. It’s why we’re still here more than a decade later.


All our SEO work is done by seasoned professionals and their awesome support team. They are experienced and well versed in everything SEO, PPC and Social Media related. We also ensure every client has an account manager so they only have one person to contact no matter the question or the issue so you get an SEO agency without the big SEO agency treatment.


Why Is This Important To You?


We know our industry is rife with unethical or uneducated SEO agencies and companies.  It could be something as simple as charging you North American prices but farming the work off at Indian prices (where the quality of work isn’t always the best either).  Or it could be their methodologies haven’t changed as Google progresses and develops and they use outdated tactics that get you penalized today.  Or they could be downright despicable and promise you top rankings in a very short period of time which, is usually combined with the “don’t pay till we get you there” terms, to build your trust.  Then they use tactics that get your site quick rankings, take your money and are long gone after Google bans your domain for their black hat SEO tactics.


It’s why we go to such great lengths to be as transparent as we can on our site, going as far as to show you examples of client’s rankings and our pricing.   We’re doing all we can to prove to you that we are an honest and upfront SEO and online marketing agency.   If you want further proof talk to one of our great client managers and they will be happy to answer all your questions and explain everything they can in ways you will understand.